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I wrote this mandolin instrumental  “Mandolation”  in 2009 and competed it on It did well, getting into the top 100. and got favorited 11 times in one time competing it.  John  Parrish, my friend and recording engineer in Englewood, Florida put the extra key board effects on it that give it kind of a dreamy effect.

Jamaica In The Summertime is a song about a trip I took to Jamaica with my friend Domenica Ventura in 1983. There is also a vocal version but I like this instrumental better. It also did well on

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Chillin’ With A Mai Tai is another instrumental about hanging out at a tropical tiki bar and sipping a mai tai or mud slide. This was inspired from the days I hung out at Azure Tides on Lido beach, in Sarasota, Florida.

“The Karuna” was an old sailboat I bought in Boca Grande, Florida in 2006. It was a unique looking boat, sort of an Egyptian style. It sat docked in Boca Grande for 20 years, until a friend named River and I sailed it to Sarasota, Florida. Metaphorically it’s a song about getting out of a place you’ve been stuck in for a long time.


We Put The Funk In Dysfunctional” is a song that uses musical metaphor to make fun of the government during the October 2013 government shutdown. It can also apply to some families and relationships..

 I wrote “So Much Love” during a time of feeling totally alone. Many times when I’ve tried to reach friends, they’re unavailable.  It sometimes seems so hard to connect in a world where everyone is so busy.

Since traveling to Jamaica, I’ve become a big fan of Reggae music. “White Folk Reggae” is a simple 3 chord song about white people playing reggae music. If if doesn’t sound like regular reggae music, it’s because it’s white folk reggae.

The Farmer’s Market Song” is an upbeat rag time song about shopping at the farmer’s market.  There’s a video at the Sarasota Farmer’s market that goes with this song.

Here’s the video at the Sarasota’s Farmers Market in 2010. taken by Shawn McCarty.  This is a small farmers market compared to most.

It’s the spirit of Christmas in the tropics. “Christmas Time Down By The Tiki Hut” is a song about spending Christmas where people freezing up north would love to be.  A lot of people like the idea of Santa Claus sailing in on a catamaran. My friend, Greg Brown AKA, “Papaya Boy”, in the picture with me,  put some great backup vocals and bass ukulele on the first version.

Englewood, Florida wasn’t a place with much to do back in the early 1980’s. One summer day in 1982, I was in the kitchen of my mothers house, staring at a microwave oven and playing full 7th chords up and down the my guitar neck. A silly love song “You Put My Heart In A Microwave Oven” came out of it. The mandolin work in it I think turned out pretty good.

Wes, a very sweet man in his 70’s at he time I knew him, was a friend I made in Boca Grande, Florida. in 2007. He was a free spirit who traveled many interesting and exotic places on his sailboat..

“You’re So High Being A Star” When some people get big in the music industry, their ego gets bigger. This song is for all the huge rock and other stars who would drown if they looked up while it was raining, the ones who leave behind those they used to care for and cared about them.

One of the best places to at Christmas time in my opinion is Opryland in Nashville or just take a walk down Broadway street.  Jim Sandberg and I got together and wrote this one. “Christmas Night In The Music City”

I was at my friend’s Edy and Bruce’s house in Antioch, Tennessee. We got into a conversation about how some women can appear as as prudes but only until the blinds come down. “A Floozie In The Jacuzzi” was a co write between Bruce Baker, Edy White Cane, and me.


Charmaine is my cousin who lives in Munroe Falls, Ohio. I’m originally from Akron, Ohio. She’s my father’s brother, My Uncle Ervie’s  daughter. She and her husband Bob, are two of the kindest and most generous people I know.

Soakin’ Up Some Down Time.  In this stressful world, everyone needs a way to relax and not think about anything. One way for me has been to go fishing from my inflatable kayak, with a cooler of beer.

“Country Ukulele Song”   I wrote this in May 2012 right after moving To Nashville and checking out all the music on Broadway street.  My ukulele meetup group likes to play this one.

In 1982, before the time of aids, the herpes was a big scare.” I Ain’t Tellin’ You No Lie” AKA “The Herpes Song” was a 3 chord song I wrote from a story I read in a Time magazine about a girl who got the herpes than did everything she could to spread it around. The most hilarious thing was when people would look at me like a deer in the head lights and ask “Did that happen to you!?”


You always got “Money To Play“. You might relate to this song if you’ve ever had a friend who could never pay their bills but always seemed to have money to have a good time on. This person might be you.

Cat’s are my favorite animal. Bet you couldn’t already tell! She’s A City Kitty, he’s a Country Cat is sort of a “Green Acres” satire In the cat world except he can’t make her stay on the farm.  I’ve been working on a play to go with the song.

Scattered In The Wind” is my sister Denise’s favorite. Some time I feel like my mind is going so many directions and I need to focus. When I lived in Florida, a quiet walk on the beach seemed to do that


Mary Queen Of XTC was an acquaintance I made in 1996. She worked at the XTC adult store on 17th street in Sarasota, Florida at the time.  She got the name not just because she worked at the store.

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